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Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun & Total Charge Control (TCC) Technology
This is one of our best electrostatic powder coating guns, with a lot to offer the user, including:Total Charge Control (TCC) Technology This patented technology plays several roles, one of them being that it makes this device incredibly easy to use and reliable. Coupled with the TCC technology, this electrostatic powder coating gun sets new a...
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PMC Close Circuit Powder Management Center for Powder Coating Line
This patented DDF pump is at the core of the automated powder coating production line’s PMC (Power Management Center). It's renowned for its ability to transfer powder in a high-density, low-velocity manner. In comparison to the conventional Venturi pump, the innovative DDF pump can transfer a similar amount of powder with much less air an...
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MPC-5 Micro Powder Center
We have leveraged our 25+ years of experience dealing with fast color change systems to create the unique Micro Powder Center (MPC-5). This class-leading powder coating equipment provides unrivaled high-quality, fast color change performance. It works with both DDF pump systems and conventional venturi (injector).  You can purchase the profess...
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DDF Powder Pump and Control System
This powder pump and coating controller can be used with various powder coating systems, including Ramseier Koatings' latest DDF4 powder pump, offering high powder density and low-velocity delivery.The new DDF4 powder coating transfer pump utilizes user-friendly controls for surge-free power delivery based on the varied delivery distances and p...
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When you need high tech patented powder coating equipment then ensure you check out Ramseier Koatings. We specialize in commercial and industrial powder coating equipment as well as curing ovens. We have years of experience and a team of dedicated engineers who work to ensure you get the best equipment for your business.

If you are stuck on what will work for you and are within your price range, worry not. At Ramseier Koatings, we offer consultation and will give you options on what you need, be it in an inexpensive batch option or an automatic powder coating line.

Talk to us today if you are in the market for a powder coating system. We have patented high tech products that come in different styles and types and our team of experts can help you settle on what will work best for you.

Working with us means you get access to our full suite of powder coating equipment. The suite includes powder coating guns, a PMC closed circuit powder unit, and a MPC-5 Micro Powder center. We also offer a DDF Powder Pimp and a Control System to ensure that the entire process runs without a hitch.

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