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Benefits of Powder Coating for Aluminum Extrusion

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Powder coating is an extremely effective method of applying a smooth and even protective coat to a wide range of materials. This method includes the employment of color particles that are electromagnetically charged, which attach to the material in an even manner.

For this reason, numerous manufacturers and huge industries prefer using powder coating to apply a smooth and uniform appearance to their materials. Expediently, this technique can be applied to a wide range of materials.

Though, can you attain top-quality finishes for aluminum extrusions with this finishing technique? Definitely! While there are quite a few methods you can use to achieve a quality finish for aluminum extrusions, powder coating is by far the best!

Professionals always use powder coating for aluminum extrusion thanks to the benefits it presents. But before we talk about the benefits of powder coating for aluminum extrusion, let’s first understand what aluminum extrusion is all about.


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Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion is a process that comprises pushing an aluminum alloy via a cross-section die with the help of a ram. The aluminum alloy comes out of the die opening, harboring the same shape as the die.

Typically, aluminum extrusions can have different shapes, including angles, round tubes, and channels, which can either be solid, semi-hollow, or entirely hollow.

In short, powder coating helps to reinforce aluminum structures while at the same time bestows them a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Benefits of Powder Coating for Aluminum Extrusion

So, what are the advantages of powder coating for aluminum extrusion? Powder coating presents a wide range of benefits for the final product, some of which are obvious, like an even and smooth finish and others, not so obvious, but critical to the structure of extruded aluminum.

With that said, here are the benefits of powder coating for aluminum extrusion:

Corrosion Resistance

Extruded aluminum that’s powder coated offers excellent corrosion resistance. Generally, powder coating is a protective cordon, hindering moisture along with other corrosive factors from accessing the metal beneath.

For this reason, powder-coated aluminum is a great option for outdoor projects or surroundings with harsh weather or high humidity. Besides, unlike the other aluminum coating options, powder coating won’t peel or chip easily, hence guaranteeing extended shielding against corrosion.


Another major advantage of powder-coated aluminum is the versatility it provides. This finishing technique gives room for a broad scope of color options, textures, and finishes, delivering limitless customization options.

Whether you require a clear coat for a polished final product or a white aluminum frame, powder-coating is the best technique to give you your preferred visual look! Moreover, it can mirror the appearance of other materials, including stone and wood, thus offering an affordable alternative without giving up durability or visual appeal.

Here is more on versatility:


Powder coating is available in inorganic and organic color choices, varying from grays and black to light and dark browns. What’s more, if you prefer brighter colors, there are yellow, green, blue, orange and so many more!

Visual Appeal

With everything that’s been said about the numerous color, gloss, and texture options you can choose from, it is evident that powder coating can deliver visually appealing extruded aluminum. Regardless of your needs, you can be sure that powder coating will deliver a quality, aesthetically pleasing final product.

In addition, this technique evenly adheres to the surface, giving you a smooth, faultless look. Besides, as pointed out, you can choose any color, texture, or gloss. Whether you want aluminum for furniture, automotive parts, or architectural structures, powder-coated aluminum will always add some aspect of class and elegance.


Eco-friendly solutions are the new trend, so with that in mind, you will appreciate that this magnificent finishing technique is not only good looking and corrosion-resistant but also environmentally friendly.

Also, compared to other coating techniques, it is the only eco-friendly option. The powder utilized for this procedure doesn’t comprise any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or dangerous solvents. This makes it a safer option for the environment and people who perform the powder coating process.

Furthermore, this coating process emits less waste since any and all overspray can be compiled and reused, decreasing overall material usage and curtailing environmental impact.

Resilience & Maintenance

When it comes to resilience, there are not many coating processes that can achieve the level of resilience that powder coating does. The coating is fade, chemical and scratch resistant, guaranteeing the material upholds its magnificent and sleek appearance after extensive utilization.

For this reason, powder-coated aluminum extrusion is a reasonable choice for demanding applications or high-traffic places that call for regular cleaning. Further, there is close to no maintenance needed for powder-coated aluminum, therefore saving you money and time.

The advancement of this process has even made the final products more durable and versatile. Therefore, applying a powder coat can boost the effectiveness and resilience of the aluminum profile.

According to experts, the formulation of powder coats is prepared to boost the performance of aluminum extrusions. Consequently, it is the perfect technique for extruded aluminum and other materials.

What’s more, as pointed out, powder coats do not peel or chip easily, and the layers are usually thick with an alkaline formulation. Because of this, it delivers impressive corrosion and rust resistance.


This coating process is affordable compared to other coating techniques. The process of application is efficient, facilitating swift and even coverage, thus reducing labor expenses.

Additionally, the durability delivered by a powder coat needs occasional recoating and is often replaced after prolonged utilization, leading to long-term expense savings. Further, the accessibility of a broad scope of color and finish options guarantees that businesses can attain their preferred aesthetic appearance without requiring extra costly materials.

So, Is Powder Coating the Best Coating Process for Aluminum Extrusion?

Powder coating is an excellent choice for making aluminum extrusions more resilient and good looking.

Still, does it measure up to the other common aluminum coatings and surface finishes like liquid paint and anodizing? Let’s take a look at what these two finishing techniques are all about and how they compare to powder coating.


This is an electrochemical procedure used to produce a protective oxide barrier on a metallic surface. All the same, anodizing stands out due to the fact that it uses existing material as opposed to presenting new materials for the coating process. This feature guarantees that anodized coatings do not flake or peel easily, so you will be left with an incredibly durable final product.

Additionally, anodizing is significantly applicable to many projects where supreme abrasion and corrosion resistance are priorities. Again, anodizing adds non-conductivity to aluminum extrusions, which can be exceptionally beneficial in certain situations.

However, keep in mind that anodizing is mostly limited to aluminum materials.

Compared to powder coating, anodizing does not deliver as much wear and corrosion resistance. Moreover, it won’t attain the same even and thin film, precisely on complex aluminum.

On the other hand, powder coatings are more affordable to apply and provide more color choices than anodizing. This is because, with anodizing, the final color is reliant on the alloy base.

Liquid Paint

Paint is a well-known finishing option and is among the most commonly utilized coating techniques. Nonetheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most suitable. While its affordability and availability are unmatched, there are several vital factors to weigh in before painting aluminum extrusions.

Among the many reasons finishing alternatives like anodizing and powder coating exist is due to the environmental danger paint presents. Typically, liquid paint has harmful chemicals, is carcinogenic, flammable, and infamous for causing harm to the ozone layer.

Moreover, painting is among the most wasteful finishing techniques because of evaporation and because you can’t collect and reuse the spills.

All the same, painting is usually more affordable than powder coating, particularly for marginal touch-ups, and comes with just as many color options.

It is easier to produce custom colors for small projects for painting, though you will have reduced color consistency, and it will fade faster than powder coatings. Lastly, powder coatings are significantly more resilient and safer for the environment and people than liquid paint.

Why is Powder Coating Best for Aluminum Extrusion?

As pointed out, powder coating encompasses spraying a colored powder that’s electrostatically charged over a given material.

When it comes to aluminum, this process is considerably beneficial. For starters, there is minimal wastage since the overspray is collected effortlessly and reused. Moreover, this is an eco-friendly coating technique, providing a less dangerous working environment thanks to the absence of solvents in the formulation.

In the long run, powder coating is the best option when choosing a finish to shield aluminum extrusions. It will add gloss to your aluminum materials and boost their longevity and resilience. Additionally, this procedure is environmentally friendly and hence more suitable.

On the other hand, it is crucial to adequately prepare and clean the aluminum extrusion before you start powder coating. This way, you can prevent the disadvantages linked to powder coating.

Related Questions

What is Aluminum Extrusion That’s Powder Coated?

This is extruded aluminum that has been glazed with a thermosetting powder coat, offering it a good looking, tough, and durable finish.

Fortunately, powder coating can be found in a wide variety of finishes, including vibrant colors and imitation metallic shades. Aluminum extrusion that’s powder coated is utilized in a broad scope of applications from door and window frame making to furniture and other construction works.

Do I Need to Clean Before Powder Coating?

Certainly! it would be best to clean the material before powder coating. Aluminum extrusion or any other metal needs to be cleaned thoroughly before powder coating to get rid of any grease, oil, and debris.

This will also guarantee that the paint will attach correctly and won’t produce any bumps, lumps, or irregular textures on the material.

How Does Powder Coating Work?

Powder coating is a relatively simple procedure, provided you have the adequate skills and the right equipment.

First, the materials are cleaned properly before the process begins. For best results, they are dried and placed on a few jigs hanging from an overhead conveyor. The conveyor then moves them to the spray booth and to the oven. In the oven is where the materials are baked to the right paint.

The moment the materials cure, and the paint is imparted right, they’re moved to the cooling section. When they are ready to handle, they are detached from the conveyor and then packed or stored correctly.

Does Powder Coating Boost Resilience?

Yes. Powder coating is a great way of boosting aluminum extrusions’ durability. The coating offers a barrier that protects the extrusion from elements like moisture, chemicals, and UV rays. In addition, the coating is scratch and corrosion resistant to increase its usefulness and longevity.

Benefit Meets Value!

As we transition towards more resilient, environment-friendly, and affordable solutions, aluminum extrusion powder coating has become a favorite in surface finishes. This technique guarantees longevity and also provides a wide range of color options, hence ideal for numerous industry applications.

Ramseier Koatings powder coating machines are some of the bests globally, having been exported to 10+ countries all over the world and with over 35 years’ experience in this industry. We illustrate the peak of this technology, coupling top-of-the-line equipment with meticulousness and artistry.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services and equipment.

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