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Is It Good to Powder Coat Automotive Parts?

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Powder coating is the perfect solution for your vehicle; however, I would advise you to use reflective pigments like white, yellow, light grey, etc., if you want to minimize the amount of heat that your car absorbs.


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What Parts of Your Vehicle Should You Powder Coat?

My advice for you is to powder coat as much of your car’s metal parts as you can. These include rocker covers, transmissions, engine blocks, etc. However, if you don’t have enough cash or would want to powder coat the most important parts only, then I would advise you to powder coat:


The Rims

Rims are the most powder-coated car parts, and we would advise you to powder-coat them because they are the most exposed to harsh weather conditions. Powder coating your rims ensures they stay in the best condition for extended periods, which is important if you live in areas with extreme weather conditions. Your rims will receive a luxury hard finish after you powder coat them, and you get to choose the color that compliments your vehicle.


Under the Bonnet

Powder coating your engine could be the best decision you’ll make for your car. The process protects your car’s engine and keeps it safe from corrosion. We would also advise you to take it a step further and powder coat other parts of the vehicle, including the chassis and under the engine. Finally, pick out a color scheme that suits your vehicle ensuring your vehicle’s engine stands out whenever you pop the hood.



If you have any accessories in your vehicle, then I advise you to powder coat them if you want to protect them from the elements. Some of these accessories include bedrails or metal racks, and powder coating them makes your vehicle look great, especially if they match with the rims. Powder coating provides better finishing, protects your vehicle, and provides the perfect finish.


Final Remarks

While powder coating technology seems new, we’ve had it in the industry for over 40 years. The technology is applied in several different niches because it provides a durable finish and has several positive perks. Powder coating is great for protecting your vehicle’s metallic components, and while it may seem costly than paint, we advise you to use it on your vehicle because it is cheaper in the long run.


All vehicles rust and corrode over time, and some do this sooner rather than later. Painting your vehicle with traditional paint protects its metal parts from the elements, but sometimes this isn’t enough. Your vehicle needs more protection if you expose it to too much sunlight or moisture.


You need to take preventative measures to ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition. Our advice on the best way to do this is through powder coating all metallic parts in your vehicle, including the rims, chassis, and other accessories.


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